Brad Pitt has lost out to a cartoon hound in his first animated feature - because test audiences preferred the canine to the movie hunk's sea-faring hero.

Dreamworks animation experts revisited their new Sinbad: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS cartoon feature when footage of their new canine creation, SPIKE, were more popular than scenes featuring their hero, voiced by Pitt.

Dreamworks boss JEFFREY KATZENBERG says, "We discovered how much the kids loved Spike and went back and put seven new pieces of Spike in the movie only weeks ago."

But Katzenberg still has high praise for Pitt, who joins MICHELLE PFEIFFER, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Far From Heaven's Dennis Haysbert in the movie.

He adds, "Brad was our first choice - he's everything I've dreamed of seeing Brad Pitt do in a film - he's heroic, he's a rogue, he's footloose and fancy-free."

05/05/2003 21:02