Brad Pitt has warned pal Ashton Kutcher off playing a practical joke on Hollywood's most notorious prankster, GEORGE CLOONEY - because the movie hunk will make his life a misery.

Pitt interviewed Kutcher for America's INTERVIEW magazine, and took the opportunity to advise his young pal not to go after his OCEAN'S ELEVEN partner for MTV prank show PUNK'D.

Pitt says, "I remember two years ago you were after Clooney. I would tell you as your friend: 'Don't do it. Don't ever go near it. He'll kill you and everything you love.' I know it's tempting, but don't do it."

Pitt was on the receiving end of one of Clooney's top pranks as payback for convincing crew members on the set of OCEAN'S TWELVE that Clooney insists on staying in character and wanted to be called Danny Ocean throughout the shoot.

In revenge, Clooney made Pitt drive through rush hour Hollywood traffic with a sign suggesting he was lacking in manhood.

Their co-star Matt Damon explains, "Brad was about to drive off and George came up to say goodbye. Brad was sitting in his car and George kind of tapped the car with his hand and said, 'All right, take care.'

"When he pulled his hand away, he'd left a bumper sticker that

read 'Small Penis Onboard'. So Brad drove through rush-hour

traffic in LA with it, and all these people were looking at him

and waving."

22/03/2005 22:06