Brad Pitt embarrassed Troy co-star Eric Bana on live TV in America yesterday (03MAY04) when he likened his acting skills to those of ROBERT De NIRO.

The two pals appeared on Oprah Winfrey's daytime chat show to talk about their summer blockbuster, and Pitt made it a very special day for the Aussie by praising his acting.

The movie hunk told Oprah that he had fought to cast Bana as PRINCE HECTOR in the epic after seeing the former comedian's turn in the disturbing CHOPPER.

Pitt cooed, "It's an extraordinary performance. It's a heavy film, it's not for the light of heart, and my friend is De Niro good. He's smoking.

"He plays one of the best sociopaths I've ever seen. For what we do, it's the pinnacle. It's that good."

A beaming Bana then treated Brad and Oprah to his impression of ALDO, his pal's Italian set hairdresser.

04/05/2004 21:15