Brad Pitt will bare all in his new movie TROY - fans will be able to see the buff hunk totally nude in the summer (04) epic.

And the movie star obviously likes the look of his chiselled body - because he'll appear nude in an upcoming issue of Ameircan magazine Vanity Fair too.

He says, "Apparently the Greeks were naked all the time - eat naked, play naked; they liked to be naked.

"I just didn't realise I was the only one doing it in the movie. I thought everyone else was too."

Pitt admits his wife Jennifer Aniston wasn't too impressed withher husband's need to go naked, "She thought I was running around naked in one too many scenes."

Pitt spent six months training to play ACHILLES in the actionpacked blockbuster, and performed all his own stunts on the set.

The actor admits he had to quit smoking to get in shape, and then had to call on his wife's help because going cold turkey on his nicotine addiction left him struggling to keep his sanity.

He explains, "I think I was homicidal for three or four days. Jen held us together; she packed for me because I couldn't put a suitcase together.

"I feel much better when I'm not smoking. I feel like a better person. I think that smoking's a real trap.

"I'm glad I was fit because it was a difficult, difficult shoot, but rewarding.

"I'd been off for two years, so I was really up for something more challenging, and something that required what this required."

04/05/2004 02:11