Hollywood actor Brad Pitt is aiming to provide a better way of life for residents in New Orleans through the building of new eco-friendly homes.

The Troy star was visiting the construction site of a project in the city which bore the brunt of Hurricane Katrina.

Speaking to American broadcaster NBC, the actor also spoke about the importance of changing lifestyles to cope with environmental problems.

He said that mankind could not "keep consuming ourselves into extinction".

In an interview with the broadcaster, Pitt added that the project not only aimed to build affordable accommodation, but also houses that would generate their own electricity.

Speaking about the reasons why a green approach was necessary, he said: "The dependency on oil… our gas prices and the health rates. We just can't keep consuming ourselves into extinction.

"We've got to regroup and adopt a new paradigm, a new way of thinking," he added.

Pitt said green housing was "the way of the future" and called for technology to be used to enable a more sustainable way of life.

"What if a city could actually produce more energy than it consumed? What if it could actually filter the air instead of pollute the air? This is a new paradigm that we're going to have to adopt.

"It's a long time coming, but we're going to have to start now and start advancing these technologies," he added.

22/08/2007 07:18:51