Brad Pitt's new line of luxury furniture is just the start of a new lifestyle venture.

The 'Killing Them Softly' actor - who is well known for his keen interests in architecture and sketching designs - has created a simple collection of well-structured pieces with furniture maker Frank Pollaro who revealed their partnership will continue to expand in the future.

He told E! News: ''We will continue to work together, releasing new designs as Brad's schedule permits. This is just the beginning.''

The New Jersey-based craftsman also insisted that despite collaborating with the father-of-six on the limited edition collection of furniture, the actor was the talent behind the designs.

He said: ''We are both very focused thinkers and we would labour over a single small detail for hours. Our meetings were marathons, stretching anywhere from seven to 12 hours long, and often through the night. We kept going with the help of some good meals and some great wines.

''The pieces are not only aesthetically beautiful, but technically complex. Together, we selected the pieces from his sketchbooks, which are filled with thousands of drawings. The designs are 100 percent Brad's.

''I helped with finessing the details, engineering, and material selection, but ultimately Brad made the final decisions. He is a thoughtful designer who understands physics and balance. I admire his work.''

The 48-year-old star will unveil his furniture, which includes a dining table, a cocktail table, a variety of side tables, club chairs and a romantic marble bathtub designed to be shared by two people at a two-day exhibition in Pollaro in New York on November 13.