Hunky movie superstar Brad Pitt is a secret fan of soccer - a passion encouraged by actor friend and former professional footballer Vinnie Jones.

The Fight Club actor used to play the sport at school and now watches English PREMIERSHIP matches on satellite television, following a recommendation from SNATCH hardman Vinnie.

And Brad - who is currently filming new flick Troy in Malta - was recently thrown a ball by some local kids on set and proceeded to prove he's got some natural flair himself.

A set insider says, "Some kids threw a ball at him and he raised a few eyebrows by trapping it perfectly under his foot, then doing a bit of juggling. It was, 'Eat your heart out David Beckham!'"

But it seems Brad's wife, gorgeous FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston, doesn't approve of his hobby.

The source adds, "Apparently Jennifer is totally bemused by the whole soccer thing - she doesn't understand what's going on and doesn't want to."

10/07/2003 17:17