Brad Pitt found out about America's plunge in popularity during a trip to Amsterdam, when he was threatened by drunk locals after they heard his U.S. accent.
The Hollywood hunk was in Holland filming Ocean's Twelve in 2004, when his homeland was being led by President George W. Bush and was fighting two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
And Pitt reveals he was stunned and scared to find how negatively many other nationalities had come to view Americans during a late-night bike ride in Amsterdam.
He tells Total Film, "I remember when we were filming Ocean's Twelve in Amsterdam and it was strange to me because, you know, we're used to being American and people wanted to come here for the opportunities. But the perception of America had changed.
"I get a bike wherever I go and I was on this pedal bike, riding around. I had left the guys and was going for a midnight bike ride around Amsterdam and there were some guys coming out of a bar. They were trashed, having a good time. I said, 'Excuse me' and swerved out of the away, and they started screaming, 'You f**king American! We'll f**king kill you!" I'd never come face-to-face with that turn in our public perception."