Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt turned up for jury duty in a Los Angeles court on Thursday.

The Oceans Thirteen star sat in on a driving under the influence case in which the defendant chose to not contest the charge.

Jurors were excused after the brief proceedings and the defendant's plea before the court means the actor does not have to serve on the trial.

In US courts a plea of no contest means that a person does not wish to challenge charges leveled by the state against them. The plea, which is different from a not-guilty plea, means that judgment will be entered by the judge.

Pitt wore a T-shirt, dark jeans and a black cap to yesterday's trial and waited in a private room for the legal process to begin.

His representative told People magazine: "He served just like everyone else does."

Under US law, all American citizens can be asked to appear for jury service if they are at least 18-years-old and are residents of the jurisdiction in which they have been summoned to serve.

Pitt's wife Angelina Jolie, 32, is currently in Chicago where she is working on the film Wanted. The couple recently celebrated the birthday of their oldest adopted child, Maddox.

10/08/2007 07:31:13