Bad news for Brad Pitt fans, the 47 year-old actor is starting to see the end of the road as far as his acting career goes - a stint that's seen him graduate from pretty boy pin up to wily veteran with considerable accomplishment. Following over two decades worth of acting though, which saw him initially breakthrough with a supporting role in 1991 Geena Davis starring film 'Thelma & Louise', the actor responded to a question on Australian TV about when he might stop with the answer "three years".
MTV News reports that Pitt was on the program '60 Minutes' when he gave his reply, furthering that his family might be behind his reasoning for stepping out of the limelight. "Their idea is that everyone has to deal with that, though the older ones are getting more savvy. It's the only thing that I get hot about, that I'm ready to fight about," he said. The suggested retirement comes at a time when Pitt's stock remains high, with zombie war thriller 'World War Z' set for release next year and 'Moneyball' doing the rounds at the moment.
When pushed upon what he might do afterwards, the 'Fight Club' actor was fairly vague, stating "Hell if I know. I'm really enjoying the producerial (sic) side.and getting stories to the plate that may have had a harder time otherwise."