Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seem to have been everywhere this week, with The Sun reporting a huge media scrum outside Gladiator director Ridley Scott'S office in London as Jolie exited, while The Daily Mail witnessed Pitt touching down in the capital in a helicopter to meet his wife before whisking her away to an unknown location.

Now, The LA Times have reported that they've turned up at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival to oversee the launch of Brad's latest film 'Moneyball.' The pair walked down the red carpet yesterday (9/9/2011) with the film's other stars, Academy award-winner PHILIP SEYMOUR-HOFFMAN and JONAH HALL, also in attendance as well as their director Spike Jonze. 'Moneyball' is based on the 2003 book of the same name by author MICHAEL LEWIS and is based on the Oakland Athletics baseball team. As a result it was no surprise to see several ex-Major League Baseball stars also there to witness Pitt's depiction of their sport, Digital Journal spotting former Atlanta Braves player DAVID JUSTICE in the audience.

These are busy times for Pitt in particular, the 47 year-old actor was in Toronto on a break from filming zombie flick 'World War Z.' Jolie meanwhile is preparing for the release of her directorial debut 'Blood And Honey,' though following her recent meeting with Scott, rumours abound of a forthcoming film with him too.