Brad Pitt is refusing to take any credit for his vocal performance on animation Sinbad: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS - because he says he just read a book out loud.

The hunky star voices the character of SINBAD in the Dreamworks cartoon but insists the full credit should go to the army of animators who spent years bringing the story to life.

Brad says, "I'm sure a more respectable actor would have put more into it. Me, I was just having a laugh, really. It's rather like reading aloud. We take several cracks at it and then we expand on it or get rid of it.

"My name is on the credit for my voice but it's a tiny component of the overall piece. Someone asked me, 'How did you bring this character to life?' Well, the answer is that I didn't - someone else did, meaning 400 animators over four years."

02/07/2003 21:15