The stars have been spotted filming outdoor scenes in Surrey, England, for World War Two drama Five Seconds of Silence, about a spy who falls in love and marries a French secret agent during a dangerous mission to North Africa.

Sporting a formal '40s look of side-parted hair, grey wool trousers and shirt and tie teamed with a brown suede jacket, Brad, 52, looked every inch the respectable dad in the suburban countryside scene.

The snaps from the Robert Zemeckis directed movie also featured a little girl, dressed in pink knitted playsuit, happily perched on Brad's shoulders.

Marion, 40, who plays Brad's lover Marianne in the movie, looks pensive as she carries a wicker picnic basket and blue tartan blanket on the family outing. Walking alongside her onscreen family, she wears a classic red French beret, blue scarf and long checked coat for the daffodil filled scene.

They may look the picture of innocence but in the 1942 war movie, Brad and Marion are rumoured to play assassins on a mission to kill a German senior officer, with things taking a nasty turn for the worse when Brad's character Max learns his wife is a Nazi spy.

The Paramount and New Regency production, which began shooting this year in Quebec, Canada, France and Morocco, was due to start filming last year but was delayed by Marion's other film commitments.

Brad has recently announced he is working on the sequel to zombie movie World War Z 2, while Marion has three films due out this year including a big screen version of video game Assassin's Creed, due out 30 December (16).

Five Seconds of Silence is due out in the U.S. on 23 November.