Actress CHRISTINA APPLEGATE still regrets taking Brad Pitt as her date to the 1989 MTV MOVIE AWARDS - because she dumped him for somebody else at the star-studded event.

Long before Pitt became an international star, he and Applegate embarked on a romance, which ended abruptly when the blonde beauty's eye started to wander.

She says, "I'm sorry, Brad! I knew this story was gonna surface at some point.

"We were really good friends when I was about 16, for a few years. We were just part of this group of people that hung out and we decided to sort of cross the friend line and we went to the MTV Movie Awards together. We kinda looked at each other and went, 'Hmmm, kinda cute, didn't really know that.'

"We went to the MTV Awards and I ditched him! I left him there and I felt really bad about it, I really, really do. I left with somebody else."

09/05/2005 09:31