The aspiring actress briefly blamed for ending Brad Pitt and JENNIFER ANISTON's marriage, is now in a relationship crisis of her own - she and her husband have split.

APRIL FLORIO, 22, hit the headlines earlier last month (FEB05) when her former agent MIKE ESTERMAN confirmed she was the woman spotted with a bearded Pitt lookalike in Greece last year (04).

The scandal then grew as Florio was reported confessing she did enjoy a brief fling with Pitt while he was still with Aniston, but she later claimed her ex-agent spoke to the media without asking her first, and that she never admitted to spending more than five minutes with the movie star at a Hollywood party.

And following her revelation that the scandal erupted just before her mother suffered a heart attack, the MAXIM model has now split from 23-year-old Florida fireman THOMAS BIELER.

She says, "My attention was toward the whole Brad Pitt thing, so I'm sure that had something to do with it. Tom's an insecure guy and needs a lot of attention."

Bieler says he hopes to patch things up.

09/03/2005 21:20