Brad Paisley has been tipped as the most likely individual to take the final judging spot on American Idol, though reports suggest the show would need to overhaul its current schedule and build the programme around the country star.
Paisley is understood to be the first choice of American Idol bosses, who are keen to introduce a country musician to the panel, after replacing Jennifer Lopez with pop diva Mariah Carey. However, it's not that simple. Paisley has 26 tour dates between now and November, and after that he'll be concentrating on hosting the Cma Awards, which he has done for the last four years. After that, he has a string of dates in Sweden and Norway and is reportedly looking to take a holiday with his wife and two sons. On top of all that, Paisley is trying to finish his next studio album, of which he has completed seven songs already. According to, "There's only one way American Idol could recruit Brad Paisley to be a judge for the upcoming season. And that is if they rearranged the show's schedule around his". Having already landed Mariah Carey, it's unlikely that the American Idol producers would rearrange their schedule for Paisley, who would undoubtedly be brought in to firm up the programme's country connection. The show premieres in January, though segments are understood to be filming at the end of 2012.
Other rumors have suggested American Idol may look to tempt Blake Shelton away from 'The Voice', or perhaps go after MIRANDA LAMBERT.