Brad Goreski thinks it is "unfortunate" Rachel Zoe feels they are competing for work.

The former protege of the Hollywood stylist has now gone on to work for himself, and he admits the ongoing feud between him and his old boss is hard for him to understand because she is so successful.

He said: "I just think it's unfortunate that she feels so competitive with me in a way.

"Because I left to create a name for myself - and not to ride on any of her coattails.

"She's so incredibly successful, that a stylist starting out - I don't know what kind of threat that is to her. Maybe she thinks I'm incredibly talented. Who knows."

He also refutes her claim he has been stealing her clients, saying it was a matter he has been very sensitive about.

He added to the Daily Beast: "That's not the truth. And she knows that's not the truth. I didn't even say goodbye to a lot of her clients because I didn't want anything to be misconstrued as me soliciting anybody."

Brad's clients include Christina Ricci and Jessica Alba.