Former Boyzone frontman Ronan Keating loves being in the music industry - but can't wait to hit the big screen.

The LIFE IS A ROLLERCOASTER singer came close to landing Ewan McGregor's role in the hit movie MOULIN ROGUE!, but sees himself as more of an action man.

He says, "I definitely see the future in action movies. I love all the tough guy stuff, all car chases and jumping out of planes. I'd love to be part of that world.

"My absolute ideal would be a role in something like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE."

However, the hunky singer is aware that other actors may look down on him for jumping from singing to acting.

He adds, "I'm sure people I see at auditions must wonder what I'm doing. You do see great actors there and people do probably think, 'Who does that guy think he is? He can just f**k off.'"