Boyzone star Shane Lynch has urged Take That's Mark Owen to concentrate on saving his marriage and overcoming his personal issues, following reports of infidelity and alcoholism.
The British pop star stunned fans last week (ends14Mar10) when he owned up to a string of 10 affairs behind his wife's back and revealed he has been nursing a secret drink problem for over a decade.
Owen has now entered a rehabilitation centre in a bid to address his problems after his actress wife Emma Ferguson reportedly issued him an ultimatum.
Fellow singer Lynch has offered his support to Owen, advising him to ignore the public interest in his problems and focus on fixing his marriage.
Lynch says, "I would say to him, 'You totally f**ked up'. He has to accept that and know that's part of life. We all make bad mistakes at some point and he's just got to suck it up and pull himself together and make it up.
"Life goes on. It will be tough for him because, when you are in the public eye, you think everyone is talking about you. But newspapers come and go, headlines are forgotten. He just has to focus on sorting himself out and his wife and forget what other people think.
"We're all friends and we all look out for each other and back each other up."