Irish pop group Boyzone insist they were the first band to consider a comeback - and Take That and the Spice Girls copied their idea. The five-piece first considered plans for a reunion last year (06), but were stunned to discover other bands were also planning a return to the music industry. And frontman Ronan Keating, who has put his solo career on hold for the Boyzone reunion, is convinced someone was leaking their ideas to the other bands. He says, "We've been trying to find the right moment to do this for a long time - before Take That considered it. "In one of our meetings last year we were thinking, 'Well, the Spice Girls aren't gonna do it as two of them are pregnant.' We never expected them to come back." He adds, "A lot of what the Spice Girls did was what we talked about. So maybe there was someone in the room that spread the word."