On this day in History. Contactmusic takes a quick look into the past to see what was the UK number 1 on the 7th November in days gone by.

5 years ago, Dilemma by Nelly featuring Kelly Rowlands was enjoying its second week in the number 1 slot they were knocked of the top spot a few days later by DJ Sammy and Yanou featuring Do.

10 years ago, Love it or hate it one of the all time most annoying record was starting it 4 week stretch at no.1 with Barbie Girl by Aqua

15 years ago Boyz II Men were at "The End of the Road" for a 3 week period.

20 years ago The Bee Gees knocked off M/A/R/S and "Pump up the Volume" with "You Win Again" managing a 4 week stint in the number 1 slot.

25 Years ago Boy George and Culture Club are stationed at the top of the charts with Do you really want to hurt Me" before being displaced by Eddie Grant singing "I don't want to Dance"

30 Years ago Punk Rock gripped the UK with it hard line lyrics and raucous riffs yet somehow the number 1 Track on this day was Baccara and "Yes Sir I can Boogie" the last throws in the death disco.

07/11/2007 23:55:55