London rockers Boy Kill Boy have been involved in even more chaos in Ibiza, when, just days after the band wrecked a $1.8 million (GBP1 million) villa on the Spanish party island, they ended up in a bloody fight with a group of crazed Hell's Angels. The group's singer CHRIS PECK had such fun partying after the Ibiza Rocks music event last Thursday (20JUL06), he returned to the Balearic island on Saturday (29JUL06) for more high jinx. But he ended up fearing for his life when a night in an underground rock club went horribly wrong - and he has vowed never to return again. He says, "It was going alright until a gang of Hell's Angels came in and trashed the place. "One of the girls we were with got a glass on her head and it descended into a bloodbath. "People were beating the s**t out of each other. It was totally surreal with THE FINAL COUNTDOWN playing in the background. "We got out in one piece but noticed a red handprint on the door which seemed like a sign to never return."