British rockers Boy Kill Boy are wishing Patrick Swayze a speedy recovery - after he inspired them to follow their dreams. The Dirty Dancing star confirmed he has pancreatic cancer earlier this month (Mar08), and the Boy Kill Boy stars credit the actor with helping raise their profile in Hollywood after he invited them to an impromptu party while they were in Los Angeles. Singer Chris Peck says, "Me and our drummer Shaz were outside a club when it closed, saying it was too early to go back to our hotel, when out of nowhere Patrick Swayze appeared and invited us to a party with him. "He gave us a lift in his car, drove up to what is known as Inspiration Point and told us about how we should follow our dreams. Then we went to this amazing house party where we were treated like kings all night by people calling us Pat's mates. It was incredible." Peck adds, "He gave us a boost in Hollywood, now we hope the doctors can look after him and get him back to full health."