London rockers Boy Kill Boy are facing a huge damages bill after wrecking a $1.8 million (GBP1 million) villa on Spanish party island Ibiza. The four-piece had been granted use of the luxury property when they played the island's Ibiza Rocks event last Thursday (20JUL06), but notched up $18,000 (GBP10,000) of damage through wild partying. Their bash also saw a club showgirl admitted to hospital after falling on spilt alcohol. A source tells British tabloid the Daily Star, "After 23 hours straight boozing they ended up back at their villa, which Manumission loans to acts ahead of playing (there). "A Manumission showgirl was with them and, more than a little drunk, she didn't notice a spilt drink on the tiled floor, slipped and knocked herself out. "The villa was in a worse state. Furniture was bashed, crockery smashed and a bathroom cabinet was hanging off the wall." However, a club spokesman insists the SUZIE hitmakers will be welcome back at the event: "Boy Kill Boy embraced the Ibiza Rocks vibe. They did a stunning gig. We are glad they enjoyed themselves."