Boy George and ROSIE O'DONNELL's musical taboo has finally had to admit defeat and end its unsuccessful transfer to the Broadway stage.

The production - which was a hit in London's West End - was dogged with reports of arguments between Boy George, who wrote the majority of the musical, and producer O'Donnell, even before it opened on 13 November (03).

Despite repeated assurances from the former chat show host all was well on set, audiences failed to flock to the PLYMOUTH THEATRE, meaning the show failed to even reach its break-even point, which was reportedly $396,000 (GBP220,000).

The LEAGUE OF AMERICAN THEATRES AND PRODUCERS estimated Taboo - which is based on the former CULTURE CLUB singer's life in early eighties London - only made $282,600 (GBP157,000) last week (ends09JAN04).

However, O'Donnell remains philosophical about the experience, even though she funded the musical entirely herself, commenting, "Taboo was by far the most fulfilling experience of my career. Many lessons were learned, and so it goes. For this experience, I am profoundly grateful and have no regrets."

The final performance will take place on 8 February (04).

14/01/2004 13:41