Boy George "looked like a lesbian" when he was in prison.

The former Culture Club singer - who last year served four months of a 15-month sentence for false imprisonment of a male escort, who he attacked with a chain - has admitted his stay inside was nowhere near as glamorous as pop star Lady GaGa made out in the music video for her new song 'Telephone'.

He said: "Well it wasn't anything like the new Lady Gaga video, no. It wasn't like that at all.

"Less fashion. you wear your own clothes during the day time, nothing too fancy, but you're not allowed to wear hoods. Hoodies are banned. and on visits you have to wear these really horrible denim trousers with a stripey shirt tucked in, I looked like a lesbian."

Lady Gaga is a huge fan of the 48-year-old singer and has cited him as an inspiration of hers many times since she rose to fame.

The 'Poker Face' songstress was thrilled when she finally met Boy George - real name George Alan O'Dowd - earlier this year and asked him to sign her private parts.

George told Matt Edmonson on the 'Face Invaders' show for Sony Ericsson's Pocket TV: "Yeah, we've met. I like her, she was nice. I met her at the BRITs. She asked me to sign her vagina.

"She said, 'Can you sign my vagina?' They were her exact words. I was like, 'OK, what sort of pen would you like me to use?' "