Boy George runs his life by an ancient form of Japanese astrology and even refuses to travel on certain days.

The former CULTURE CLUB star has been following the nine star key for 15 years and insists it works, especially when it comes to planning his plane trips.

He explains, "You travel in certain directions on certain days, particularly long journeys like to America from England.

"The human being wasn't designed to be flying around everywhere every five minutes and that's why there's so many stressed out people in the world.

"People can't call you up the day before and say, 'Let's go to Botswana,' because that's where the stress gets piled on, so people know that you follow this, so therefore they book you in advance and it makes everything more calm and chilled.

"It's quite selfish but it's great."

The singer-turned-DJ, real name GEORGE O'DOWD, is hooked on the philosophy of the nine star key because it has always been correct about his relationships.

He adds, "Sometimes you meet partners and you'll go to the person who does the numbers and they'll say 'It's not gonna work out,' and they're always right."

29/09/2003 09:30