British singer Boy George was detained and questioned by immigration officers at an airport in Miami, Florida, after falling foul of tough new US airport security measures.

Despite being based in New York and in possession of a US working visa, the former CULTURE CLUB singer was held up last week (begs29NOV04), after filling in the wrong form, en route from Chile to Puerto Rico.

George was forced to complete a new form and queue a second time - only to get confused by the airport's new computerised finger-printing machines.

After several failed attempts - he kept pressing the wrong finger on the machine - security staff hauled the 43-year-old off for questioning.

A source tells British newspaper the DAILY EXPRESS, "He wasn't looking his well-groomed,immaculately made-up self.

"He was tired and a little bloated and wearing an extra-large baggy green T-shirt and multi-coloured jogging trousers. It was only when George was at the end of his tether that they stamped his passport and let him through."

06/12/2004 17:32