Cross-dressing singer Boy George insists he's not alone when it comes to his sexuality - because he believes everybody in the world is bisexual.

The former CULTURE CLUB star thinks everybody has the potential to sleep with members of both sexes - it just needs a particular situation to make it happen.

He says, "Just because you don't act on an impulse doesn't mean it doesn't exist. If you asked everyone if they could kill someone, a lot of people could - but we don't go out and kill people.

"I think it really depends on how connected you are to your subconscious. I think the real thing is to just be able to admit that it's a possibility, because I think what we do with sexuality is we try and turn it into this thing that's outside of us.

"Remember, it takes two heterosexuals to make one homosexual. We cannot exist without you, so it's all your fault anyway! If you don't like it, get over it because without you we don't exist. Thank you and keep up the good work!"

06/11/2003 21:02