British pop star Boy George donned overalls and gloves in New York today (14AUG06) as he began his community service for wasting police time. The former Culture Club frontman, real name GEORGE O'DOWD, was sentenced to five days work by Manhattan Criminal Court in June (06) for falsely reporting a burglary at his Little Italy apartment in October 2005. After sentencing, the 45-year-old singer slammed his punishment, saying, "It would have been more useful to make 30 grand ($30,000) with a concert, rather than be prancing around in a park. I could have raised some money, could have done something that would have helped." Despite vowing to wear "something loud", O'Dowd arrived for the beginning of his shift with the Department of Sanitation today wearing dark trousers and a black jumper, before picking up a shovel, broom, plastic bags, orange vest and gloves. While spending the first hour relatively silent as he swept the streets, O'Dowd shouted to the waiting paparazzi, "You think you're better than me?. Go home. Let me do my community service. This is supposed to be making me humble. Let me do this. I just want to do my job." Due to the huge throng of photographers surrounding the star, the DS decided to move O'Dowd into a gated Sanitation parking lot, where he carried on sweeping. Deputy Sanitation Chief ALBERT DURRELL said, "This is for everyone's safety."