The Culture Club frontman appeared on New Zealand news programme Seven Sharp on Thursday (03Nov16) via video link from his tour bus in Canada.

In the interview, the singer announced that he had been granted approval by immigration officials to come to perform in the country, following months of uncertainty whether he would be allowed in due to a prior conviction.

In 2009, Boy George was sentenced to 15 months in prison for handcuffing a male escort to a wall fixture in his home. Earlier this year (16), Audun Carlsen blasted the BBC for hiring the singer for reality show The Voice and interviewer Toni Street decided to ask for his reaction to the criticism.

"You know what, why don't you move on to something that's helpful, you know what I mean?" he replied. "In fact, do you know what... Thank you," he said as he removed his ear piece and walked away from the camera.

Following the interview, Boy George vented his anger on Twitter, writing, "Just did a stinking interview for New Zealand which I ended @RobertDowneyJr style! Now I need my own movie franchise!"

He was referring to the actor storming out of a British TV interview when asked about his drugs past last year (15).

The 55-year-old continued to tweet about the incident, replying to one user, "I didn't put up with it. I left and did a kick ass show in Toronto and will do the same in NZ!" and another, "She was just a whiney voice down the line, I couldn't see her and she had zero charm. We never have to speak again. It's perfect!"

He also informed one user that he will "open that can of worms" and discuss his conviction when he is ready because "so much s**t" has been written about it.

Culture Club were due to play their first shows ever in New Zealand in December (16) but one concert, in Christchurch on 2 December (16), has been cancelled due to changes in their touring schedule.