Boy George is reaping the benefits of kicking his nicotine habit - he can finally sing onstage without any difficulty breathing.
The Culture Club star has quit drinking and smoking for good since completing a four-month stint in prison earlier this year (09) for assaulting a male escort in 2007.
And he insists he feels better than ever now that he's clean.
He says, "I stopped smoking three months ago - that's the best thing I ever did! I feel so free, it's great as a singer. And now when I call people, they say, 'Is it you?' It used to be like (wheezing). I don't do that anymore. That's the biggest thing for me - cigarettes was the hardest thing (to quit) but I'm glad I stopped it."
And the Karma Chameleon singer has learned to value the "mundane" things in life since cutting drugs out.
He adds, "Addiction is a disease - any professional person will tell you that. At a certain point, you lose choice and you become an addict. So once you're through that your priorities change greatly. For me, it's nothing really big that makes me happy - it's not career, it's not money. It's family, friendship, laughter. Just kind of really mundane, ordinary things that maybe I didn't really take seriously before."