Boy George sleeps better when he's naked.

The Culture Club frontman used to ''get dressed up'' to go to bed but ditched his pyjamas after reading an article that suggested he would rest more soundly if he wasn't restricted by clothing.

He said: ''I used to get dressed up to go to bed and then I read this thing online that said you sleep better if you sleep naked so I sleep naked ... and alone.

''When I was younger I used to hate going to bed, but now I love going to bed. I like going to bed early now, get up early.''

The flamboyant singer doesn't care if he has a reputation for being a diva because he admits it's far from the truth so people are always pleasantly surprised when they meet him.

He told Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''Let's face it, I've got a bit of a reputation.

''And so it kind of works in my favour because I am not that person and I never was that person so it is always fun to meet people and surprise them.

''People think I am going to be difficult or I am going to be bitchy or I am going to be stroppy, I don't know, all sorts of isms. Maybe I have been those things in my life but nowadays I am pretty chilled out.''

The 'Do You Really Want To Hurt Me' singer has been embroiled in a number of public spats over the years, with the likes of Liam Payne, the late George Michael and Morrissey exchanging cross words with him.

However, George insists he rarely ever gets upset or angry with the insults thrown at him.

He said: ''Unless you assault my mother or something, there is not much you could say to me that would really bother me.

''I've grown up very much living my life very visibly, I've never really hidden who I am. I've never really been a wallflower. I get over things really easily.

''I've got this thing I call a thunder nature where I just explode and then it is over and I put the kettle on.''