The Culture Club superstar, currently appearing as a coach on the Australian version of The Voice, has previously spoken of their decades long rivalry. Michael passed away aged 53 on Christmas Day at his home in Goring-on-Thames, England. His cause of death was attributed to natural causes as the result of a dilated cardiomyopathy with a myocarditis and a fatty liver.

In an interview with Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O, Boy George explained that despite it, they did have a great time when their paths crossed on the rare occasion.

However, he admits that it was Michael's stunning talent that stopped them from getting closer.

“He was my contemporary, we were fierce rivals for a long time and when we did get together, it was normally through force," he explained, of the few occasions they met. “I ended up having dinner with George and (pop group) Bananarama, and we had a lovely time. Whenever we did meet, we always got on well, but we struggled to be friends."

When asked if he could explain why they never clicked as friends, he mused: “He was called George, he liked Motown, and he was really good, so I thought, 'Hmmm, not playing on my album.'"

Boy George also revealed he considered the chart-topping songwriter with the soulful voice more of a "scientist" than a musician, and he even blew off a studio session with the star, which he later regretted.

“I used to think of George Michael as being mechanical, like a scientist in a white coat, working in a laboratory, creating perfect harmonies, and all the while I was secretly admiring him," he admitted. “We did a song together once, and had the opportunity to do some bits again, but I couldn’t be bothered. And George went and spent hours re-recording, and of course it sounded amazing."