Boy George may have to cancel his US tour after he was refused a visa due to looming legal issues in the UK.

The 47-year-old had planned to kick off a 24-date tour in Las Vegas on July 11th but has been refused entry to the US due to a forthcoming trial in London, his management confirmed.

The former Culture Club lead singer was arrested in 2007 after being accused of the false imprisonment of a male escort, which he denied.

"At the moment, Boy George cannot come to the United States of America because he has been refused permission to enter by the USA administration," the management statement was quoted by the Reuters news agency as saying.

"This is not in respect of anything he has done in the past but because he is facing a trial in November in London for something that happened in April last year."

The ex-1980s popstar - real name George O'Dowd - pleaded not guilty to the charge of false imprisonment at Snaresbrook crown court, east London in February and was released on bail.

"George's lawyers in London have absolutely forbidden us to speak about the facts of that case and all I can say is that George is astounded at the decision and is having lawyers here in the States look at it in the hope that someone will change their mind," the statement continued.

"George really would love to come to America and repay his American fans loyalty and that is why we are asking the US authorities to reconsider their decision."

Two years ago Boy George was ordered to clean litter from The Streets of Manhattan after New York police were called to his apartment to investigate reports of a burglary but found cocaine in his apartment.

24/06/2008 09:32:03