The Culture Club frontman was on the panel of the TV talent show last year (16), when it was still on British network BBC, but left ahead of its move to rival channel ITV. Bush star Gavin is one of the new faces for the upcoming season, which premieres on Saturday (07Jan17), and George couldn't resist poking fun at the rocker as he tweeted about the premiere.

As well as copying in Gavin's ex-wife Gwen Stefani into his tweet, George also mentioned 1980s star Marilyn, real name Peter Robinson. George previously detailed close friend Marilyn's romance with Gavin in his book Take It Like A Man, but Gavin fiercely denied the dalliance for years, before eventually admitting to it in 2010.

“Deffo watching The Voice on Saturday. Perfect weather for a bit of TV in front of the fire. Might invite Mister Marilyn and Gwen Stefani," George tweeted.

Refusing to be drawn by the remark, Gavin responded: "That’s a beautiful thing – free speech."

Since coming clean about the nature of his relationship with Marilyn, Gavin has always insisted it was a one-night thing. However, Marilyn has a different memory of the romance, explaining to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper in 2014: "He was a fan of mine. He’d follow me around the clubs everywhere and I was vile to him so he would stop. But he never did.

“One day I saw him in a club and told him it had to stop. He had his car outside and asked to speak to me somewhere quiet. He told me he loved me, which I said was ridiculous because he didn’t know me. But after about an hour-and-a-half we were both crying and ended up in each other’s arms. And that was it. We were a couple.”

Marilyn alleges the pair dated until they split in 1986, and he has been heartbroken ever since. "I cried every day for 10 years,” he said. “I’ve not even kissed anyone else since.”