British pop star Boy George has praised his five-day community service punishment for "grounding" him and "bringing structure" to his life. The former Culture Club singer, real name GEORGE O'DOWD, was given the sentence by a New York City judge after being found guilty of wasting police time when he falsely reported a burglary at his Manhattan apartment in October 2005. Last week (14-18AUG06) the star joined the NYC Department of Sanitation to clean the streets of Manhattan. O'Dowd says, "It's been quite grounding, because I have no structure in my life. "The media has this image of me as this big faggot sitting on cushions all day eating grapes. But I'm a real person - I have a Hoover, I don't have a cleaner. So the idea that I can't pick up a broom and shovel is ridiculous. "I think people didn't expect me to actually work, but that's what I came here for. And it's turned into a good experience. "I'm amazed at how some people looked at it though. Some of the coverage was so over the top. And so much of it is, 'Oh, what a tragedy,' and I'm like, 'Get over it, love!' There's nothing wrong with working."