Boy George has offered to sweep the streets of New York again, if U.S. authorities let him enter the country to perform there.
The eighties pop star has been forced to cancel an American tour after he was denied a visa, because he stands accused of assaulting a male escort in the U.K. - a charge he denies.
George performed community service with New York's sanitation department in August 2006, after he was convicted of falsely reporting a burglary and possession of drugs.
And he is prepared to perform the civic duty again - if it will help his current case.
Speaking on NBC's The Today Show on Friday (27Jun08), the 47-year-old said, "If you let me in I'll take the broom, no problem.
"Everyone says it should be a humiliating experience. Does that mean the people who sweep are humiliated? I thought it was a good experience."
But he insists he will perform in America again, vowing to return next year (09): "I'm feeling very upbeat. What good is anger?
"It's disappointing because of the fans, but if it doesn't happen now, it'll happen in the New Year. It's not over. It's not like I'm going to have to continue my career via satellite! I will come back.
"If I have to wait, it'll be even better."