Boy George's mum would leave the country if he went on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The 'Karma Chameleon' singer claims he is offered to appear on the TV show every year, but always declines for the sake of his mother, who would cut off contact with him if he was on the show.

He said: ''I definitely didn't ask to go on there. They ask me every year and the money has gone up and up and up since the beginning, but it's never got big enough to me. I've got close to saying... I was considering it because I got offered a shedload of money and it was kind of like 'Ooooh.' But my mum said, 'If you go on that show I'm going to leave the country and I'll never speak to you again'. She was really, really like, 'You can't do it.' ''

Despite his claims Boy George - real name George O'Dowd - was lined up for the show in 2008, but had to pull out after the Crown Prosecution Service denied him permission to appear, as he was on probation for assaulting a male escort at the time.

George also remains a fan of the Channel 5 show and is watching the current series, but is not a fan of how it ''normalises'' people.

He added: ''[My mum] just said it's a really naff show and when you go on there it kind of normalises everyone. Look at Louie Spence whose on there at the moment - I've been watching it - he is really happy in real life, but he's actually a bit of a sourpuss, and he's coming across as really sour. I think sometimes when you're stuck in a house with no TV or reading material or distractions, you become a bit boring. And I think that's would be an awful thing to let people know, that you are secretly boring.''