Eccentric singer Boy George turned his recent 50th birthday party into a family reunion - by inviting a cousin he'd never met.
The Karma Chameleon hitmaker hit the milestone on 15 June (11), and marked the day with a bash at The Lightbox club in London.
And the colourful costume party was extra-special for the star, real name George O'Dowd, after his long-lost cousin Anna came to join in the fun.
He tells Britain's Daily Express, "I'm not particularly fussed about birthdays. My 40th was a massive party and there was a lot of pressure to have a big party again this year so it was really just for my mates. But the greatest thing for me was that there were a lot of people I hadn't seen for 30 years. The other really amazing thing was I met my long-lost cousin Anna for the first time.
"My mum's sister died in the Seventies but she had this daughter who was adopted. For years I've been saying we should find her and luckily last year she found my mum so she was there on my birthday.
"She'd read that we were related and wasn't sure if I would want to know her! It works both ways though. You think, do they want to be bothered? Maybe they don't want to be found? I think it's up to them to find you. It was really nice. There were no similarities though - she's gorgeous!"