LATEST: Eighties' pop star Boy George has laughed off allegations he kidnapped a male escort and chained him to the walls of his east London, England flat on Saturday (28Apr07). Auden Carlsen claims he was hired by Boy George - real name George O'Dowd - to go to the singer's flat at the early hours of Saturday morning to pose for photos. The ex-Culture Club star started taking pictures of the male escort in kinky gear - but Carlsen claims O'Dowd and another man jumped on him and handcuffed him to a hook by the bed. He managed to free himself by pulling the hooks from the wall and alerted the police from a nearby newsagent. However, the pop star's brother Kevin claims George has laughed off the allegations. He says, "The bloke (Carlsen) has done a fair bit of modelling for our clothes shop, so how can what he said be true? George isn't at all annoyed at the allegations, in fact, he thinks it's hilarious. "Yeah, he was arrested, but the police are always going to follow it up when someone makes a complaint like that." The singer has been bailed while detectives probe the allegations. George received community service last year (06) in New York when police found cocaine in his apartment.