Boy George knew George Michael was doing "OK" while in prison.

The 'Karma Chameleon' singer - who served part of his 15-month jail sentence for falsely imprisoning a male escort at London's Pentonville Prison - was given updates on how the 'Fast Love' singer was doing during his recent brief spell at the tough jail by his incarcerated friends.

He told UK station Absolute Radio: "I've got friends on the inside you see. I'm not even joking. I mean, I have a friend actually in Pentonville at the moment, he got recalled, and he was giving me the low-down on what was going on.

"I asked him how George was and of course what he knew, I know he was OK and I've got other friends at other places as well."

The one-time Wham! singer was moved from Pentonville to Highpoint Prison, in East England, to serve the majority of his sentence for driving while under the influence of drugs and possession of cannabis, before being released yesterday (11.10.10).

The former Culture Club frontman also revealed he thinks the prison system in the UK doesn't work when it comes to rehabilitating criminals.

Instead, he thinks inmates should be sent to natural disaster sites so they can see their lives aren't as bad as they think.

Speaking about his own time in jail between January and May 2009, the flamboyant musician said: "Well you do work. I mean, I worked in the kitchen in prison, I worked from half past eight in the morning till about four, you know, for £16 a week.

"I think people in prison would prefer to work, you're locked up a lot of the time and you're actually just not doing anything.

"But I think that if you want to change people you've got to show them something that's bigger than themselves, so maybe send them out to Pakistan to help with the floods, something that's going to make them actually realise that they're not so unfortunate. I think it doesn't really work in the hole, actually."

Boy George also revealed he had written to the 'Outside' singer while he was in prison to show him his support.