Boy George has not had plastic surgery because, unlike most stars, he wants to grow old gracefully.

The 'Karma Chameleon' hitmaker has shrugged off the suggestion he's gone under the knife to stay looking youthful, but accepts that most stars don't ''age anymore'' because they see a surgeon to get cosmetic procedures done.

Speaking in the new issue of 10 Men Magazine - of which he is the cover star - George said: ''[I've had] no work [done] whatsoever. No way ... I love women talking about other women who've had loads of surgery, 'Oh they haven't aged a bit...' Does anybody actually age anymore? I think the smart thing is probably to have a facelift rather than all the fillers.''

The 56-year-old Culture Club star was chosen as the new face of Dior Homme earlier this year, and he admitted that the idea of fronting a campaign for the brand actually started as a joke.

He revealed: ''You know what was really funny about the whole modelling thing? I'd made a joke to my manager and told him, 'I want to do some modelling,' and he was like, 'I'd probably give that idea up if I were you.'

'''No, I know!' I said. 'But wouldn't it be funny if I did some modelling at my age? It would be great!' And he said 'Well, you know... whatever.'

''[A month later], he said, 'You know you asked me about doing some modelling? Well, do you want to start really big?' I said, 'Why, who is interested?' He said, 'Dior,' and I said, 'Oh, that's a good one, let's do that!' ''

And there are more exciting projects on the horizon for George, as he has hinted a return to TV could be on the cards soon following successful stints on 'The Voice UK' and 'The Voice Australia'.

He said: ''I don't know if it will ever happen, but a song I wrote called 'Bow Down Mister' [released in 1991], well we're talking about maybe doing a TV programme where I go back to India and go to all those places mentioned in the song.''