Eighties singer Boy George has slammed the press for criticising his decision to put himself on popular gay dating website GAYDAR.COM.

The KARMA CHAMELEON star insists meeting strangers for sex on the internet is safer than scouring public lavatories for lovers, and he's furious the media demanded an apology for his actions.

He complains. "I think it's a lot more sensible than going into a toilet. But I don't really use it for sexual purposes. I've made quite a lot of friends on the website.

"When I first went on Gaydar there was such a big hoo-ha about it in the press. What p**sed me off was the idea I should be ashamed, so I just encouraged it.

"If I want to go on the internet and have sex with strangers, then it's my choice. I'm not going to be secretive about it - we have urges. It's like ordering pizza."

28/02/2005 17:52