Boy George has warned fans to stay away from him at airports and hotels as he always snubs requests for an autograph or photo.
The singer and his Culture Club bandmates jetted to Australia last month (Dec11) for a special New Year's Eve (31Dec11) show in Sydney.
A group of followers accused the star of being rude to them at an airport as he flew out of the country earlier this week (begs02Jan12), and he's now taken to his page to defend his actions and insist there are certain locations where he wishes to be left alone.
In a series of posts, he writes, "Airports are out, sorry! Turn up at airports (and) I will probably be unfriendly. Hotels are our temporary homes, so same applies!
"I don't have a fan face or poker face! Common sense applies at all times! Everything is about timing, I wouldn't approach (David) Bowie in a cafe or on the toilet! I'm not going to develop a phoney persona, I will always be honest!"