Eighties pop legend Boy George has accused an American newspaper of trying to sabotage his Broadway musical taboo.

The show, which is being funded and produced by former talk show host ROSIE O'DONNELL, has received scathing reviews since opening on the New York stage earlier this month (NOV03).

The NEW YORK POST newspaper has since run a series of stories claiming the show is in financial difficulty and O'Donnell is set to lose her $10 million (GBP6 million) investment

But George, whose life Taboo is loosely based on, insists the critiques are not a reflection of popular opinion - and accuses the New York Post of trying to shut the show down.

The former CULTURE CLUB singer says, "I can't speculate about why one paper is determined to bring this show down. American's seem to have taken the show to their hearts."

24/11/2003 02:52