Rapper Bow Wow is desperate to cut his ties with Columbia Records, insisting executives at the label have no idea how to market hip-hop stars.
The Like You hitmaker, real name Shad Moss, has been signed to the Sony Records affiliate since rising to fame with his debut album Beware of Dog in 2000.
But the 22 year old reveals he has been unhappy with his musical home since 2004 and is begging Columbia bosses to let him out of his contract after releasing seven albums with the label.
He writes on his Twitter.com page, "Yep! It's true! I want off Columbia. I'm asking to be released. NO they not dropping me I'm askn (sic). Not happy there. Been like dis 4 5yrs (sic)."
"I think Columbia's problem is that they don't know how to work with rappers. I'm really the only rapper on that label. My labelmates consist of John Legend, who they work extremely well with, Beyonce Knowles, who they work extremely well with, but when it comes to rappers they're not really a rap label, they don't get it."
Bow Wow is also adamant label bosses at Columbia struggle to identify their artists with younger audiences, adding: "They're not young, and I'm a young guy but they're not young, so they don't really understand what the young people want... You can't really blame the artists because the label is the energy."
And the rapper is taking action by rallying support online - he's asking fans to join his Free Bow Wow from Columbia Records campaign in a bid to quit the label and move to Atlantic Records.