Bow Wow has finally settled his $100,000 (£62,500) debt to rap pal The Game, more than a year after he lost a bet in a video game battle.
The two stars went head to head over American football game Madden '09 in September 2008, after Bow Wow took exception to The Game's boasts that he was the best celebrity Madden player.
He challenged the Dreams hitmaker to a winner-takes-$100,000 marathon - but the 22 year old lost the match 23-55.
The Like You rapper handed over an initial $15,000 (£9,375) to The Game, but he only settled the balance last week (ends19Feb10).
Posting a photo of the cash exchange on, The Game writes, "After a year of trying to GET PAID, da lil homie give me the rest of my $100,000 (sic)!"