Rapper Bow Wow has laughed off reports of a feud with R+B singer Omarion, branding reports "bulls**t". The LIKE YOU hitmaker was thought to have fallen out with the former B2K frontman after Omarion announced he would headline last month's (DEC06) Scream V tour. In 2005 the pair had shared the top billing for the tour dates. However, any hint of a rift was rubbished by Bow Wow in an interview with MTV. He says, "That's my boy! One thing the fans gotta realise is that before music, we're men. Me and O been knowing each other for five and a half years. The people know we're homies. "It was a big misunderstanding. We talked about it. He apologised if it didn't come out clear. I told him I apologised if I took it the wrong way. We squashed it like men should do. "I ain't got time for that B.S. I'm about to be 20 years old. O is 21. I'm a positive dude. I try my best to keep my head on straight."