LATEST: Rapper Bow Wow owes rival The Game a massive $100,000 (GBP56,000) after losing their head-to-head videogame clash.
The hip-hop star took exception to The Game's boasts that he was the best celebrity player of American football game Madden NFL '09 on the Xbox 360 - and challenged the Dreams hitmaker to a duel.
The rap rivals got together for the showdown in Los Angeles on Friday (05Sep08), with The Game arriving in full get-up, sporting black eye paint and a mouth guard ready for the virtual challenge.
Bow Wow pitted his Cincinnati Bengals against The Game's New England Patriots team, but by the first quarter it was 28-0 to The Game.
The 21-year-old picked his game up and scored in the second quarter, but he was no match for The Game, who won with a convincing 55-23.
And now Bow Wow will have to hand over the six-figure forfeit.
After taking the victory, The Game boasted, "I'm the s**t, man. I don't know what else to say."
Bow Wow jokingly blamed the game's weather conditions for his failure, saying: "I don't care what they say, It was in the snow, first of all. Second of all... nah, I'm just playing. We had a lot of fun doing it. ...Money going to charity. We both winners at the end of the day. It feel (sic) good to come together...
"The Game got me. Of course I gotta pay him. One hundred thousand dollars."